Day 99 – Gastropod-eyed hat

Day 99! Bugging out in this crazy gastropod-eyed ‪#‎hatONit‬. I had a lot of fun knocking the eyes of this hat around a bit today.

Another day like the last several: I worked on my paper and dissertation; my parents (Peter) and Austin worked on the apartment, with some unloading help from Emily and Eric. When I got home, we were able to eat dinner around our living room coffee table for the first time!

Tomorrow is both #hatONit Day 100 (!!!) and an appointment at Mass General Hospital (MGH) to learn about the clinical trials available for my next line of treatment. (And two meetings about two different papers we’re working on.) Having both moving and clinical trials on the mind does not put me in the most focused work state. So, my plan is to tell you all a bit about my MGH appointment tomorrow, then take a few days off #hatONit to focus in on dissertation completion, and launch the voting for the best hat maybe beginning of next week? So much is going on, I’m not sure if I’ll fully enjoy it being Day 100 tomorrow, but everything should be calmed down enough that I will be able to enjoy celebrating the end of #hatONit at the end of the voting.

Holding strong at $22,298!!!


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