Day 98 – Conical shell hat

Day 98 – Conical seashell ‪#‎hatONit‬! Another day of writing and figure editing at the office while my folks and Austin plugged away at unpacking and furniture building. Our home office nook is mostly unpacked and useable now, which makes me feel more settled. The kitchen is also useable and my mom has opened “Mom’s Cafe” for dinner the past two nights. The move has had us eating out a lot, and I am glad to be back to home-cooked meals. (I love eating out, but it loses its allure when it’s every meal.) Our bedroom is still almost unnavigable, which makes me want to drop my writing and unpack, but the deadline for turning in my dissertation is looming.


I am so grateful to have my parents here, Avery helping out, Austin putting in the time while I am off writing. I would be paralyzed with stress right now if I didn’t have this wonderful village of family, friends, and co-workers supporting me through the past month of defending, writing, moving, and fundraising.

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