Day 94 – Black and white hat

Day 94 – We moved, and I wore a black and white ‪#‎hatONit‬ from Wendy! Between movers, my parents (Peter), Austin, and Avery (with packing help last night from Emily), we managed to get 99% of our stuff in our new apartment. I even found a moment to do a few sit ups while I was propping something with me feet. The new apartment’s still chaos, but we have a bed to sleep in and a good amount of progress unpacking. Bonus, I have been completely distracted from scanxiety all day and am exhausted.


While we moved, the donations rolled in! We’re at $18,151 and 179 donations. $385 so far will be matched, out of $1117 total possible match. Donate by Saturday to get your donation matched by the generous anonymous donor!

Donate here:


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