Day 93 – Plis

Day 93 – Wore a plis ‪#‎hatONit‬ from Kujtesa, George, and Lao! The plis is a traditional Albanian hat and mine comes from Kosovo, which makes it a celebratory hat, since Kosovo celebrated its first Olympic Gold yesterday!
More to celebrate today! An anonymous donor will be matching up to $1117 from Day 93 (today!) until Day 98 (Saturday!). Now is the time to donate!!!! If $1117 is donated by Saturday, the $20k goal will be met!!!! If you haven’t donated yet, and plan to, double your impact by donating by Saturday. If you have already donated, thank you so so much, and if you want to throw in another $10 to push to the finish line…

Currently at $17,866 (+ $100 match) with 173 donations!
Donate at:

Also, as you may have noticed, Day 100 is approaching. I am excited to announce that #hatONit will be extended 8 days for some bracket style voting. Which #hatONit will reign supreme? More details soon!


My scan went well today. Results Wednesday. At the hospital waiting for my scan, I thought of the many killed and injured today at a hospital in Islamabad by a suicide bomber today. It’s heartbreaking when a place of healing becomes a place of violence and death.

More on plis:…/
More on Kosovo’s Majlinda Kelmendi gold win in judo:…/sport/majlinda-kelmendi-kosovo-ol…/


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