Day 92 – Ribbon-y hat

Day 92 – Today’s ‪#‎hatONit‬ selfie from leaving the office at 1am. (The ribbon-y hat is from Wendy.)

What a difference a day makes, with good energy today, I was at peak work productivity, which took the air out of my anxiety. To self-analyze again, I’d say, the decreased anxiety was due to distraction plus a feeling of control. I still have a deadline to turn in my dissertation on August 19, so not feeling in control of my work definitely adds to my anxiety. I spent most of the day formatting text and figures to satisfy the requirements of the journal PLOS Computational Biology. I definitely underestimated how much time this formatting would take. But staying up late the night before tomorrow’s scan is ideal, because it’s at 12:30pm, and I can’t eat for 6 hours beforehand. So the later I sleep in, the less I’m awake and hangry.

And everytime I come home, the apartment is more and more packed up, which is just the best gift ever. Especially since most of the stuff that is being packed is mine. Love + thanks again to Dad/Peter, Austin, and Mom.

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