Day 89 – Blue and white mohawk

Day 89 – Blue and white mohawk ‪#‎hatONit‬ from Annie! So tall, I didn’t fit into cars and basements today.

This afternoon I did the photo session for the article that BU Today is doing about the #hatONit fundraiser. It was a lot of fun; we decorated my living room with hats and I got to be silly and toss hats at the photographer. She said I look like a magician in the pictures. Now that I have a little bit more free time, I am interested in getting a bit of press for the fundraiser to increase donations as well as raise awareness about the importance of the non-medical services provided by Boston Medical Center (and many other cancer centers). BU Today photographed a tai chi session at BMC, so that readers could see the programs the funds will support. I’m especially excited about this, because due to my busy dissertation/defense/chemo schedule, I haven’t been able to share those details and pictures with you all myself. I’ll send the article along as soon as it’s published.

Also, if you have any press contacts you’d like to share information about the fundraiser with, let me know, Kimberly’s helped me with a pitch letter.
$17,566! Donate here:


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