Day 86 – Floppy Marimekko hat

Day 86 – Floppy Marimekko ‪#‎hatONit‬ from Lisa L! Most of the day was spent coming back from Northampton by way of a huge yarn store (Mom’s request, my wallet’s glad I don’t knit) and then napping when we got back.

A tendency towards carsickness has been a side effect of my chemo as well as a previous drug I was taking called palbociclib. Prior to cancer, I’d only gotten carsick on very windy roads and was a voracious reader on family road trips. No more. Fortunately my nausea responds well to marijuana and after feeling pretty crappy by the end of the drive to Northampton, I prepared for the drive back with some vape puffs. This left me with just an edge of what I think of as “pickiness” nausea, limiting what I am interested in eating or drinking. The car ride was comfortable, but the remaining pickiness prevented me from drinking my morning coffee, which may have been a factor in how sleepy I was all day. (The pot too; it was an indica strain.)

I am fortunate to live in a state with a medical marijuana program, though the law was passed more than three and a half years ago and there are only five dispensaries in the state so far. (Boston folks, closest is in Brookline Village.) Obtaining a medical marijuana card costs a minimum of about $150, from $150-350 for the doctor’s appointment and $50 for the processing (which can be waived for lower income participants). This does not include the cost of transport to the additional doctor’s appointment and the dispensary, and obviously there are no insurance reimbursements. Thus, medical marijuana is accessible to only a small portion of those patients who could benefit from it in Massachusetts. Marijuana’s also not always accessible when it’s most needed, e.g. when I couldn’t stop vomiting in the hospital at my last chemo appointment. I am a supporter of legalization of marijuana generally, but my experience with it medically makes me an even stronger proponent. Patients with chronic nausea should not have to spend their limited energy and funds jumping through hoops to get medical marijuana.

California and Massachusetts will be voting on legalization in November and I encourage a ‘yes’ vote. Which is just a start to making marijuana accessible, we need marijuana off the DEA’s Schedule I so that it can be researched and formally brought into the medical treatment setting. And federal legalization, so that those growing and dispensing the drug are not in legal limbo. And recognition and action on the racial disparities that exist in those who are profiting from America’s shifting views on marijuana, see “How Black People Are Being Shut Out of America’s Weed Boom” from Buzzfeed in March.

Up to $17,316 and 169 donations! Two weeks left of the 100 days, plus I have an idea for a bonus 8 days that I’ll be sharing soon. Make your donation soon if you’ve been planning on donating. My goal is to reach 200 donations as well as $20,000.


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