Day 83 – Stripey hat

Day 83 – Wore a stripey ‪#‎hatONit‬ today and got out of town! We drove to Western Massachusetts this evening for the weekend to attend a wedding and chill out. I was forbidden to bring my laptop to force some relaxation. So I downloaded Pokemon Go, obviously. And then learned there are no Pokemon on the Mass Pike other than at service plazas.


Also, got my first barbershop haircut today! My hair was a bit of a mess around the ears and in the back as my hair gets longer. And there are three barbers within two blocks of me and given my short hair, I’ve been planning on taking the opportunity to patronize a local business. The barber spent so much time on my fade in the back and the price was $10?! I knew men’s haircuts were cheaper than women’s but seriously…



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