Day 82 – Captain’s hat

Day 82*! I wore a captain’s ‪#‎hatONit‬ today from Lisa and Wally and hit the office for a satisfying day of planning out our next analysis steps and publication strategy. Felt good to be productive while also not writing or preparing my defense. Back to writing tomorrow. And at dinner, got some hang out time with Benji, who seemed very interested in my hat.
While I was at work, my Dad (Peter), Mom, and Lisa were packing up the books in my apartment for our upcoming move around the corner to Mike and Zuzana’s current place. I am going to miss Zuzka and Mike so much, but am also looking forward to a single level apartment with a better laid out space. And I am so grateful to have my parents here to help with the move and all the help that Lisa and Wally are giving too.

*Messed up the day count again! Defense+chemo madness. Edited and fixed them all.


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