Day 75: Rainbow knit hat

Days 74 and 75 – Yesterday was my worst chemo day so far, despite the amazing light up Mickey sorcerer’s apprentice ‪#‎hatONit‬ from Sharon, which everyone loved at the hospital. Mid-way through my chemo infusion I had a bad reaction and vomited for hours. My nurse and oncologist stayed late with me until Austin could get there and we decided I was well enough to go home. Or at least, going home would be more comfortable than waiting in the ER. At home, the drugs plus some medical marijuana took effect and I’ve been able to sleep it off. Today has probably been a usual one-day-post-chemo but every little bit of nausea scares me more than usual, as I fear yesterday’s vomiting. Austin has taken great care of me.
Today’s lovely hat is from Wendy.


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