Day 50: Pompom hat

Day 50!!! Wow! Halfway point! I wore this pompom hat that I crafted with supplies from Courtney. It was a great conversation starter this afternoon at the beautiful Rolling Ridge Retreat & Conference Center where I was attending Larry J Peacock’s retirement celebration. It was an inspiration to learn how Rolling Ridge has been transformed in the eleven years that Larry has been director and how much his staff has loved and respected his “gentle but firm” management style. I am so excited for Larry and Anne as they head into their next chapter in Portland, OR.

2016-06-26 18.32.35
Two exciting Day 50 announcements:
(1) That challenge to raise $250 for matching funds from Eric and Lacey? You all knocked it out of the park! $675 in donations were made today for a current total of $14,576 from 141 donations!!! Thank you all so much! Getting very close to $15k and 75% of my fundraising goal.
(2) ‪#‎hatONit‬ has a website thanks to Daniel and Kellea! I have copied most of my Facebook #hatONit posts over so you can see all the hats in one place and I can share these posts and the pictures more publicly. I will continue posting here and cross-post there.
Here’s to the next 50 #hatONit days!


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