Day 48: Rust orange brimmed hat

Day 48 – Rust orange brim #‎hatONit‬ on loan from Hannah! Today was a full day of self-care activities, starting with (talk) therapy, then pilates, then spa activities with Zuzana (as well as delicious dinner prepared by Austin and deep conversation with Zu).

Given all the pictures this fundraising project requires, I have dialed my vanity to low. I really don’t have time to make sure every picture is the perfect shot. I am not an Instagram celeb star; I am a graduate student undergoing chemo with a fast approaching defense date. This being said, my two #hatONit related photography challenges: (1) the glory of many of these hats cannot be captured in a selfie, because my arms are not long enough (but I refuse a selfie stick) and (2) hats cast a shadow that do not do my undereye circles any favors. Conclusion, if you want to look picture perfect in a hat, you’re gonna need some professional lighting and a photographer. However, if you want to look ridiculous and like you’re having fun, camera phone works great.

Up to $13,901 and 135 donations!


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