Day 47: Witch hat

Day 47 – Incredible witch #hatONit‬ on loan from Shirin. The pictures do not do this one justice, it’s got lots of wires in it so you can twist it any which way and bounces when you walk. (Also, does not clear all doorways.) My completely unscientific research indicates that this #hatONit, of all the ridiculous ones, is the one most likely to result in people talking to you. Today was filled with work and then Booklub! Also, I got my #hatONit business cards in the mail from*! Thanks to Stefan for designing me my requested totally 90s logo!

Today I am thankful for air conditioning. I completely rely on it for decent sleep in the Boston summer.

$13,801! 133!

* Any funds earned from affiliate links will go towards offsetting the cost of the fundraiser.


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