Day 46: T. Rex hat

Day 46 – Today I’ve got a T. Rex ‪#‎hatONit‬ from Courtney! Look at those chompers! Spent the day looking at data and making figures, with a very satisfying break for pilates. I walked a lot yesterday and it felt so good to stretch out. The picture with the installation in it is from the List Visual Art Center’s exhibit from the Villa Design Group.

2016-06-22 16.39.35-1

I am doing really well on this chemo regime. I’ve had three infusions of it so far and I know what to expect now. I get the infusion on a Wednesday, sleep for two days, feel pretty crappy for two days, followed by a few mornings with some nausea and days feeling fine. Then I get about two weeks of feeling really normal. I was on another chemo regime earlier in the year and I was functioning, making it to office about half the time, working from home a lot. After switching chemo regimes I see how much I was dragging before, how much better my energy is on this regime. A screwed up night’s sleep no longer ruins the next several days. I’m not exhausted for the rest of the day after picking up some groceries or cleaning the kitchen. I feel so fortunate that feeling this good coincides with the final push to defending my degree. Having the energy to work long days is such a relief.
$13,801! 133 donations!


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