Day 44: Perfect sunny day hat

Day 44*! This colorful ‪#‎hatONit‬ was purchased at Brimfield. Perfect for the sunny day and my trip to the farmer’s market. Less perfect when the wind picked up and it flew off.


I want to share an interview with a breast cancer patient. Jay Kallio is interviewed about his experience as a transgender man diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and more recently late stage lung cancer. Kallio talks about the struggles he faced with his breast cancer diagnosis. His initial surgeon, not comfortable with Kallio’s transgender status, first delayed informing Kallio of his cancer diagnosis and when they met Kallio finds himself needing to convince the surgeon that he’s not asking for a radical double mastectomy just to get “free” top surgery. Kallio decided it was best to find a different surgeon. Kallio reports that he has not faced obstacles because of his transgender status in his more recent, and ongoing, lung cancer treatment, and credits advocacy, cultural competency training, and the Affordable Care Act which prohibited discrimination based on gender identity in most healthcare setting. Kallio did have to fight to receive a new immunotherapy drug, as his Medicaid/HMO refused to cover it. A longtime activist, he arranged a demonstration in front of the HMO’s offices, and got approval for the drug. Which he is responding to! Kallio now speaks to groups of healthcare professionals about his experiences, to help them become comfortable treating transgender patients. I have a deep admiration for this man’s fierce advocacy.


* I noticed earlier today that my count was off! I tracked the error and I’ve gone back and fixed the previous posts.


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