Day 24: Rocketeer hat and goggles

Day 24: So I loved the Rocketeer movie as a kid, and today I got to be him thanks to Kelly! All these hovercraft and electric cars and hyperloops, where are our rocketpacks? ‪#‎hatONit‬

Today Austin and I ate delicious buns and piroshky at Pike Place with Gohar, walked a lot (Seattle is hilly! 10k+ steps!), worked the afternoon, ate incredible messy pork filled sandwiches at a brewery with Josh and Katlyn, and then made s’mores in a bar’s open fire feature (!!!).

Our walk passed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus today and I wanted to share a podcast episode that gave me insight into how the Gates Foundation works and thinks. Chris Hardwick of Nerdist first talks to Bill Gates, and there are some awkward moments; Hardwick wants to nerd out with him about old computer systems and the Gates PR person wants them to talk about the annual Gates Foundation letter. Listen on. Hardwick next interviews Jay Wenger, the epidemiologist in charge of Gates’ polio eradication efforts. Hardwick’s curiosity and Wenger’s explanations result in a great example of science communication, covering clear explanations of polio, epidemiology, the impact of international conflict on eradication efforts, and the difficulties of vaccinating across nations. Finally, Hardwick talks to Julie Sunderland, Gates’ director of program-related investments who dives into how the Gates Foundation uses investment tools to solve problems, e.g. creating incentives that both benefit both the companies and the end goal, and how digital infrastructure has made entrepreneurship more accessible in the developing world. The problems the Gates Foundation addresses are so large and complex; I found all of this fascinating.

I took a photo of the Gates Foundation campus including a sculpture by Brookline/Boston artist Janet Echelman. Bostonians may remember her work hung last year at the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

$12,181! 114 donations! Hip hop horray!


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