Day 23: Big brimmed black hat

Day 23: Another big brimmed ‪#‎hatONit‬ day, this time in black and red. While I’m in Seattle, I’m borrowing hats from Kelly, her roomies, and Rossanna. Fun hats take up a lot of luggage space so I am very grateful.

I asked Gohar what I should write today, and she said, that it was a very good day. And it was, the sun was out, we ate delicious Vietnamese food, shopped, laughed, caught up, played with a baby, and tried our first tot-chos (tater tot nachos). Yes, tot-chos are apparently a thing in Seattle and they are delicious. An altogether fantastic holiday Monday.
The reason for the holiday is more somber than my day and so after I hit ‘post’, I will pause and reflect on those who have died serving our country and my gratitude for their sacrifice.

Hit 60% of goal today! $12,001 and 111 donations!


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