Day 22: Giant floppy hat

Day 22: A giant floppy hat from Jill today by way of Desiree. The brim has a wire in it that lets you change your style and your shade as desired. It’s brilliant. ‪#‎hatONit‬

After an easy morning of Austin cooking all the things left in the rental lodge and me and Jessi and Kendall cleaning up, Austin and I headed north from the Portland area to Seattle. Well, first we had to pick up our rental car, and that did not go smoothly. We were briefly stranded with our luggage in front of a closed Avis location. The phone agent changing our reservation nearly booked our “next closest” pickup location as Kelowna, British Columbia. And those were just two of a cascade of issues with our rental car reservation, but somehow my head did not explode, a new car was acquired, and the Lyft driver who de-stranded us had an infectious cheer that charmed us out of our frustration. All the hassle and the three and a half hour drive were well worth it though, because we arrived safely in Seattle have dinner with some of my very favorite people! Rossanna and Tiago made us mamaliga (Ukrainian cornmeal porridge) with salmon and green beans and love. Old friends and good food, what else do I need? My heart and my belly filled very quickly.

(Tiago took and edited the first two photos here. My photo game may improve with his help. I have not mastered iPhone photo color adjustment.)

$11,971! 110 donations! Next $30 gets us to 60% of the goal!


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