Day 17: Black velvet vintage hat

Day 17: I am not entirely sure which way this vintage black velvet ‪#‎hatONit‬ is supposed to be worn or how to describe it. I only got one picture of it because today was jam packed. And included an impromptu head measurement by Sheri… (More or less 21 inches. The tape measure I had in my bag wasn’t made for heads.)

Today was filled with preparing to travel to Portland (OR) tomorrow, pilates, lunch with the Salk Computational Neurobiology Lab alum crew, determining that my four local dissertation committee members will probably all be in Boston only one day this summer, and thus I am almost certainly defending on July 26th. That is 61 days away! So much to do! So much to plan so it gets done in time! Three of us are effectively defending together, different days but all presenting the same shared project. So while Brian ran an experiment, Jake and I whiteboarded everything to be done. I swear it’s not the vortex pictured, but you’ll have to come to my defense to see the contents!
And what about my cancer and these plans? Since I’m feeling the best I have all year, that’s what I go with now. And then simultaneously hold in my head that my next scan is June 6 and I’ll learn the results June 8. If the scan shows disease progress, my treatment will shift again. And I’m not sure what’s holding that anxiety at bay, but I am thankful for it. Because today I can only handling planning through the snake fight portion of my defense.

Higher and higher towards the donation goal! $11,521 and 105 donations!


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