Day 16: Turkey hat

Day 16: Who knew a turkey hat looked so good with a blouse? Another ‪#‎hatONit‬ brought to you by Lisa and Avery. Alternatively, Or called me Princess Chickenwings, which I love.
I was back at the office today, five days post-chemo infusion. For the week post-chemo, the mornings are slow. I hesitantly step through the process of assessing how well I feel and summoning energy for the day. I drink water slowly at first, making sure it will stay down. I vape some pot for the nausea. If all seems well, I’ll eat an apple or some other fruit. If after 20 minutes or so, I’m hungry, I’ll eat a bit more. And at some point my body, says ok, you’re ready for all the moving and thinking that goes into getting ready. (If my mind hasn’t become too distracted by reading the internet.) Today it was an hour and a half before I was ready to get ready. I work a lot on accepting that so much is out of my control, the uncertainty on so many different time scales. And some of the best solace in uncertainty I get is getting shit done despite the uncertainty.

I want to note that my experience of chemo is not THE experience of chemo. I am a pretty healthy person, with cancer that I have experienced relatively minor side effects from. (Aches, fatigue, nausea.) I am receiving one of the many, many different chemotherapies that exist today, and the side effects vary widely in severity. I get a bunch of drugs to minimize the side effects. And I am receiving an infusion once every three weeks, which gives me a nice break in between periods of feeling crappy. A couple months ago, when I was receiving two chemotherapies, one of them weekly, I was way more tired than I am now and not making it into the office as often. It is serendipitous that all this energy has coincided with launching #hatONit, but I don’t want to present an unrealistic picture. I am not displaying some depth of will and gritting my teeth through the nausea these days. Mornings can be rough, but overall I am feeling good and enjoying it.
Speaking of people with depth of will, in Saturday’s update, I mentioned Paulette Leaphart’s topless walk from Biloxi, MS to Washington, DC. She’s walked 500 miles already and has 500 more to go. (Yes, that song is now stuck in my head too. Sorry.) To follow her walk on a daily basis, the Facebook page is here.
We hit and past 100 donations today!!! It means the world to me that so many people would pitch in at my request. Today’s tally is 102 donations, $11,246!


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