Day 15: Dr. Seuss-ian hat

Day 15: Today’s ‪#‎hatONit‬ was made at my request by my “Aunt” Wendy. I requested a crazy hair/fur like knit and pattern and received the Dr. Seuss-ian hat of my dreams! Man on the street review: “Your shirt may not be art but your hat is.”

I’ve had more energy today than yesterday, still slept about 12 hours overnight but no midday naps and I made it out of the house for some errands. Zuzana and Mike brought chicken noodle soup and Benji over, which was a treat. Benji and I have a future plan to wear matching hats but for today, he just tried on mine. I think it looks very Thneed-like on him!
Having Mike and Zuzka around the corner for the past year and a half has been incredible for Austin and me. The emotional weightlessness you can experience with old friends is a relief when shit hits the fan. Mike and Zuzka been there for uncertainty and result, ready to listen, feed, help me understand the science, walk, and forget about the cancer entirely and have our usual debates and discussions about the world as it is and as it could be. Benji’s got himself a great set of parents. Case in point: It’s Mike’s birthday today and he and Z fed us. And they fed us on Z’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mike!
Ok, so we’re at $10,971 and 99 donations. That means the next donation will be the 100TH!!! Which is just crazy awesome.


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