Day 14: Ushanka trooper hat

Day 14: Keeping with the inherited hats theme from yesterday, I’m wearing Austin’s Papa’s Ushanka (trooper hat). ‪#‎hatONit‬
I was able wear one warm hat because I stayed home all day, mostly on the couch. Feeling about the same as yesterday, I putter a bit, then nap a bit, then putter a bit… Kitchen’s clean, laundry’s drying, and I completed some correspondence. My nausea level is low, but I am feeling aversions to certain smells and foods, including plain water. This is annoying because I’m supposed to stay hydrated because the chemo I’m on is processed through my kidneys. So I’m drinking ginger ale and burping a lot.
Today I finally watched Beyonce’s Lemonade visual album. And now I am processing it. I think I need to watch it some five more times and read/listen to a lot of commentary to scratch the surface. What an incredible time to live in where our foremost pop star is also a leader in experimental film and cultural commentary.
There is a brief cameo in Lemonade by a breast cancer survivor named, Paulette Leaphart. Leaphart is walking topless from Biloxi, MS to Washington, DC, bearing the scars of her unreconstructed double mastectomy. Leaphart’s walking for awareness around health care policy and the scars left by cancer. A documentary crew is following her to make a film titled Scar Story ( Her story is profiled in the NYT here.
My ‪#‎scarstory‬: My surgical scars from cancer are small: tiny scars from biopsies and the incisions and bumps from my port catheter. My right breast is wonky from the tumor and scar tissue in it. I’ve not had surgery on it because my cancer is metastatic. My right nipple is partially inverted and the right side of my right breast has a thick indentation. But as Leaphart says ‪#‎noshame‬. We all have scars.
#hatONit’s funds go to people with scars. $10,821 raised so far and 97 donations! I tear up a bit looking at those numbers. Love you all!


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