Day 13: Classic beret

Day 13: A classic beret that belonged to my late Grandmother Jean. I’m enjoying how it looks with my buzzcut. ‪#‎hatONit‬

I’ve been sleepy again today. Slept past noon and then rallied and went to the hospital for a bone marrow stimulant shot. I was supposed to get the shot yesterday but felt too sick to leave the house. I came home just as these beautiful flowers were being delivered, thank you Elise! They are so lovely to see and smell from my perch on the couch. I was a bit less tired than yesterday, so managed some puttering around the house before another nap. Then Shirin and Shameel brought me bagels and conversation. Another day full of gratitude for how well I am taken care of.
Speaking of gratitude, the donations have passed the halfway point of my goal of $20k! $10,271 raised!!! 95 donations!!! What a grin that put on my sleepy face this morning! Thank you all!



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